Hello Again!!

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Hello Again!!

Post #31 by BDBoop » 2 weeks ago

Steam Heat wrote:Source of the post

When I was clearing out my folks' room at the memory care facility they were living in, I couldn't find the really nice (expensive) teak shower seat I bought them (similar to this one):


I was told by staff that my folks had become too fall-prone to use a shower seat without arms, so they replaced it with this cheap piece of plastic:


And where is that expensive teak shower seat now?

Oh, they threw it away.

That was a nearly $200 piece of furniture that my sis-in-law wanted to use out by her new pool. TEAK, FFS. And they threw it away without a second thought (or notification to me). :rant:

JERKS!!! That kind of thing just pisses me right the hell off.


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Hello Again!!

Post #32 by Friday13 » 2 weeks ago

Warfarin (Coumadin) is dangerous. My Dad took it for many years, closely monitored. The "facility" owes you much more than the cost of la machine.

NiteGuy wrote:Source of the post
Oh, trust me, tnbskts, She's definitely going to get a reality check. And possibly the entire facility as well.

As for the bleeds, I had a heart valve replaced several years ago. Said valve replacement requires the use of Coumadin to thin the blood so as to prevent blood clots from forming inside the valve.

Now, an INR level of 1.0 is is considered normal for most people. The Coumadin levels I require take my INR to somewhere between 2.5 to 3.5, and INR levels are checked weekly. If the numbers are out out whack, say for some reason they increase to 4.5 to 5.5, my doctor makes recommendations to either hold taking my Coumadin for a few days to bring the numbers back into line, or to at least drastically lower the dosage. And then to be rechecked at the lab in 3 days or so.

And this is where the entire rehab facility could be imperiled. Their offsite lab facility earlier in the week took a blood sample from me, and found my INR to be 5.3. I was informed of the results, and my Doctor was going to let them know to hold my Coumadin for a few days, and then get another blood test later in the week. I also talked to the nurse on duty, to let her know not to give me any Coumadin for a few days until my levels came back down into my therapeutic range.

But this is where we think they may have screwed the pooch. Every morning, I asked what medications I was being given, and was told they were my scheduled morning meds, without being told exactly what meds I was being given. Sarah and I are going back to the facility today, to ask for a copy of all my records while I was there. We suspect that the info on holding the Coumadin was ignored by the nurses, even the nurse's orders from my Doctor, and the nurses there pretty much blow off anyone who takes an active interest in their own treatment.

If the orders to hold the med are there, but the Coumadin still shows up on the "dispensed" list the facility and their employee are responsible for allowing my INR to rise to 8.0 or higher by the time I reached the ER.

Oh, and one more thing - after two days, my daughter finally got back to my room at the rehab center to pack up my stuff; a couple of books, a chess set, some clothing - and an in home INR monitor, which has turned up missing. Sarah had placed it into a plastic shopping bag like you would find at the grocery store or Walmart before our little trip to the hospital. Either someone came in, figured the bag was trash and threw it away, or someone got nosey, and took it.

It's not the cost that's the point - it's only $550, and I can easily afford to replace it. It's the principal. I figure, whether it was stolen or thrown out with the trash by mistake, either way the facility owes me a new machine.
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